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29   /   10   /   2015

In early 2015, Apothecary 87 customer, Brian Boas, made contact with Sam W Martin to complement him on the brand & to present him with a silver pendant designed as The Man Club (an Apothecary 87 Baseball Bat), which Brian had made.

Brian & Sam developed a range of jewellery to sell for Apothecary 87 as an oddity for the brand, but it wasn't long before they created Volstead, a jewellery brand in it's own right. Named after the Volstead Act, Sam's favourite era for strong culture and boldness.

Using the latest technology, accompanied with the steady hand, creativity, skills and the craftsmanship of Brian, Volstead is able to offer jewellery which has incredible and unrivalled detail throughout. Along with its current jewellery collections on offer, Volstead are often contacted by individuals searching for bespoke jewellery to be crafted, as well as collaborations with top names.

Although still in its infancy, Sam and his business partner Brian, are excited to see the business grow in such a short space of time, and has exciting plans for moving the Volstead brand forward.

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