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25   /   12   /   1987

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Sam W Martin, born 25/12/1987, is best known as the CEO & founder of Apothecary 87, however he has been the creator of several ventures, including Volstead Jewellery, Spiritus Bars & A87

Since his early teens, Sam has been of an entrepreneurial mindset. He started a business selling cards at school, then another selling snacks, as well as completing a full business plan to open a bar when he turned 18.

At just 17 years old, it was clear that Sam was not suited to education and the ‘normal’ tracks of life after his Head of School requested that he leave and seek other options.

Soon after Sam's ‘exile’ from school, he left for London to start his first business in the bar industry, supplying his services as a freelance mixologist & flair bartender. Then in 2011, Sam launched Spiritus Bars, an events company specialising in bar events & consultancy. It was during the 3 years of Spiritus, that Sam discovered he had a love for creative businesses, and building brands.


2013 brought the birth of Apothecary 87. In the short time the brand has existed, Sam has built one of the world’s most renowned male grooming brands, with awards for the products to the branding, sales in over 130 countries, teams in 2 continents, and articles in the world’s top industry & fashion publications.

Currently, Sam is CEO of 3 brands; Apothecary 87, Volstead Jewellery & A87 Studios. However he still finds time to mentor young entrepreneurs, speak publicly, and start building his investment portfolio.

"Dedicate yourself to the results you want" - Sam W Martin

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