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In 2019, Apothecary 87 launched its first Barbers & Shop location at it's HQ in Woodfield Park, Doncaster.

This barber shop concept was launched as a way to bring in more expertise to the Apothecary 87 team, so we could demonstrate our products to our global clients, trial new formulations and help grow the brand. However the concept took off quickly, and gained a reputation as the best barbers in the area, keeping 100% positive feedback and reviews.

As the location gained more transaction, we realised that not only was the shop helping grow the core brand, it was a solid link between Apothecary 87 and the DTC client base. This allowed us to have greater product feedback and pursue our goals of being a more DTC focussed brand.

In late 2019, we started looking at launching our 2nd location, however we were hit with roadblocks like many others as lockdown came in. We used this opportunity to build the brand, find a location and prepare to launch into the 2nd location as soon as we were able. It wasn't until October 2021, when our flagship location opened in Kelham Island, Sheffield, where we added a coffee shop concept with a partner brand, Brix Coffee Co.

Now this latest store is thriving, we are preparing for a funding round to bring 5 more to the UK.


08   /   03   /   2019

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