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17   /   05   /   2018

In 2013, Sam W Martin created his first ever beard oil for personal use in combating the usual facial itching and dryness of the skin which occurs when growing a beard. What he soon came to realise was that product he created was of premium quality, a product soon in high demand from friends, acquaintances and even his small online following through social media.

Making lotions & tonics, the name was inspired from old world pharmacies known as apothecaries. The "87" was added after Sam's Granddad passed away at the age of 87, shortly before Sam launched the brand. Being a big inspiration in Sam's life, he wanted the "87" as a way to remember his Granddad. Thus, Apothecary 87 was born.

From the brand's launch in Nov 2013 (started with just £1,500), the company has grown to sell into over 134 countries world wide, with a team of 9 & a turnover close to £1,000,000, just 3 years on. By the brand's 4th birthday, Apothecary 87 can boast it's wide range of men's grooming products being sold at some of the largest and most premium retailers in the world, along with a range of awards for everything from products to branding, and articles in the top industry & fashion publications.

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